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Cosiflor pleated blinds are the perfect solution for sun protection and privacy in every home and commerial building. Cosiflor offers a wide variety of styles and designs in combination with quality fabrics. Pleated blinds are manufactured from durable Polyester. The width of the pleats is 20mm. To enhance the insulation properties of the pleated blinds many fabrics are pearlized, meaning aluminium particles are bonded to the reverse side of the fabric.

The pleated blinds can be operated manually or automated with Somfy and Cosiflor hardware.

Cosiflor Day/Night blinds combine transparent fabrics and black-out fabrics in one blind. This smart option protects you from UV radiation while providing privacy and insulation at night.

Day/Night blinds.

Cosiflor pleated blinds

Hardware options

Cosiflor pleated blinds are available in different hardware options. The freehanging blinds (F) slide up and down with the help of a cord - the unique patented cordlock allows the operation from different angles.

The pre-tensioned blinds (VS) slide easily up and down without the help of a cord. Small handles are fitted to the rail and allows the operator to move the fabrics up and down with ease.

Fabric properties

Cosiflor offers a wide range of pleated blind fabrics. The fabrics are categorized in 4 levels of transparency.

  • Transparent
  • Translucent
  • Dim out
  • Black out
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