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Fabric overview

We currently stock over 60 Cosiflor fabrics in New Zealand. The fabrics are ranging from translucent to blackout fabrics, from designer fabrics to market leading performance fabrics. All fabrics have one thing in common, which is the superior quality which is ensured by the strict quality control system. Please click here to see all properties of our pleated fabrics.


Perlex is a coating on the fabric that reflects the sunight. Fabrics with Perlex coating allow light into the room while reflection approximtely 60-70% in neutral and light colours. There is a wide range of fabrics available with Perlex coating.



Most fabrics are very easy to clean. Most designs can be washed (30 deg. handwash), others can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Please click here to read the care instructions.


All fabrics are made of Polyester (PES) or Viscose (CV) or a combination of both.


the percentage of light and heat passing through the glass that it reflected by the fabric back to the outside,


the percentage of heat absorbed by the fabric. Especially dar fabic abor more heat in comparison to lighter fabrics.


the percentage of light and heat that passes through the fabric and ends up in the room.

Fabric Properties

Pleated fabrics come in Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Dim Out and Black Out​ option to suit your needs. our honeycomb range is available in transparent, translucent and block out.

Technical Terms

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