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Cosiflor system

Cosiflor VS-system

part 1

Cosiflor VS-system part 2

Cosiflor F-system freehanging

Cosiflor DF/PL-system conservatories

Cosiflor SD-system triangular, round

Cosiflor fabric properties

Cosiflor electronic components

Cosiflor single components

Cosiflor care instructions

Cosiflor standard shapes fitting instructions

F1, F2, F3



Fitting and beading bracket

Adjustment Instructions F- system

Cosiflor special shapes fitting instructions

PL 32, PL33

PL 30, PL31

PL 40 slope

PLK/PLE 30 + 31

PL 11

PL 32 D, PL 33 D

PL 12 Electric

PLK 13

FD Slope 3

F slope 1, F slope 2

FD slope 4


DF comfort 20


VS7, VS8

VS5, VS5 SD, VS6, VS6 SD

VS 9, VS10

VS9 D, VS10 D

VS4 Slope, VS 4 slope S

SR 1 S


Fitting additional tensioning foot

Fixing with wedge

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