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TwinGo honeycomb fabrics overview

Dessin No. 10, PG2

R44       A39      T17

Dessin No. 17, PG2

R36        A55       T9

Dessin No. 236, PG4

R77          A23        T0

Dessin No. 11, PG2

R52       A32      T16

Dessin No. 131, PG3

R36          A55        T9

Dessin No. 233, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 230, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 218, PG4

R77         A23         T0

Dessin No. 130, PG3

R48         A35       T17

Dessin No. 216, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 237, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 13, PG2

R40       A50       T10

Dessin No. 217, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 232, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 16, PG2

R45       A41      T16

Dessin No. 239, PG4

R77         A23        T0

Dessin No. 24, PG4

R60      A28       T12

Dessin No. 10, PG2

R44         A39     T17

Dessin No. 132, PG3

R35         A57         T8

Dessin No. 14, PG2

R44        A40     T16

Fabric properties

Black out fabric

Translucent fabric

Max. 30 deg hand washable

with mild detergent

Cleanable with damp cloth

Flame retardant

All fabric colours can differ from the original colours due to different screen settings.

Please click on fabrics to enlarge

PG = price group

Lowest price group:  PG0

Highest price group: PG4

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